You heard it right,

E-bike can save you upto Rs.1,00,000 or more

How come such huge savings?

The running cost of an ebike is very low (about 15 paise per km). But petrol costs keep rising every year. For 30km daily usage, you can spend anywhere between Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.2 lakh additionally depending on your bike avereage. On top of that, the maintenance cost of an ebike is much lower as there are not many mechanical parts. So no oiling, servicing, cleaning required. All you need to do is ensure you treat your ebike well and the cost of maintainance will be very low.

Use the below Ebike Cost Calculator to find out yourself

The below Ebike Cost Calculator will compare cost of e-bike v/s cost of petrol bike. Enter all details of both ebike and petrol bike. The calculator will find out cost per km, monthly cost and also total cost of ownership. All these values are automatically updated in the bottom rows. Feel free to try out different values to understand how much your saving will be. Please note this is not 100% accurate but it is good enough to estimate your savings.

Input Electric Bike Petrol Bike
Daily Bike Usage km per day km per day
Bike Cost Rs. for Li-ion bike Rs. for economy petrol bike
Bike Life years years
Mileage (Range) km per charge (1.44kwh) km per litre
Fuel Cost Rs. per electricty unit (1 kwh) Rs. per litre
Monthly maintenance cost Rs. per month Rs. per month
Battery Cost Rs. per Li-ion battery Rs. per lead-acid battery
Battery Life (in years) yrs per Li-ion battery yrs per lead acid battery
Fuel Cost per km Rs. {{(daily_usage*30/ebike_range*ebike_fuel_cost*1.44*ebike_life*12)/(ebike_life*daily_usage*365)| number:2}} /- per km Rs. {{(daily_usage*30/petrolbike_avg*petrolbike_fuel_cost*petrolbike_life*12)/(petrolbike_life*daily_usage*365)| number:2}} /- per km
Monthly Fuel & Maintainence Cost Rs. {{(daily_usage*30/ebike_range*ebike_fuel_cost*1.44 + ebike_maintenance) | number:0}} /- per month Rs. {{(daily_usage*30/petrolbike_avg*petrolbike_fuel_cost + petrolbike_maintenance)| number:0}} /- per month
Total Cost for {{ebike_life}} years Rs. {{(ebike_cost + ebike_battery_cost*(ebike_life/ebike_battery_life-1) + ebike_maintenance*ebike_life*12 + (daily_usage*30/ebike_range*ebike_fuel_cost*1.44*ebike_life*12))| number:0}} /- Rs. {{(petrolbike_cost + petrolbike_battery_cost*(petrolbike_life/petrolbike_battery_life-1) + petrolbike_maintenance*petrolbike_life*12 + (daily_usage*30/petrolbike_avg*petrolbike_fuel_cost*petrolbike_life*12)) | number:0}} /-
Total Savings Rs. {{(petrolbike_cost + petrolbike_battery_cost*(petrolbike_life/petrolbike_battery_life-1) + petrolbike_maintenance*petrolbike_life*12 + (daily_usage*30/petrolbike_avg*petrolbike_fuel_cost*petrolbike_life*12)) - (ebike_cost + ebike_battery_cost*(ebike_life/ebike_battery_life-1) + ebike_maintenance*ebike_life*12 + (daily_usage*30/ebike_range*ebike_fuel_cost*1.44*ebike_life*12))| number:0}} /-

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